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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Another one bit the dust

Another family holiday down the tubes. It would be really cool to have a family to celebrate with, but the reality is that I don't. I do; however have, reasonably good health, friends, a home, a car, enough food and clothes, no current bills and most of all an interesting assortment of universal gifts.That's a lot to be grateful for and there are many souls who do not have what I have.

Looking around at the devastation through floods and fires in the world today causes me to be very grateful for what I have. It may not be much according to national statistics, but there is little more that I actually need. It always makes me laugh to see that my income falls well below the poverty level for the United States. I look at the rich and wonder why they need so much in an attempt to be happy. You can only sleep in one bed at a time.

Although today's post is short it is full of gratitude for my family that is no more. Through them I learned what counts and what doesn't.


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