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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Free to write

For over a week I have been without the use of a computer. Mine had  been giving me so much trouble  that I was advised to just let it sit until I could find someone to check it out. So that is exactly what I did.

Living in a small town is sometimes tough when one needs to locate a repairman. I asked everyone I came in contact with for the name of someone who might help me. I ended up with three different people, but couldn't contact any of them. I left messages with the hope that at least one would call me back. I waited and waited for my phone to ring and nothing happened.

In desperation I finally went to the library to use their computer. Their provider is a local one and slower than slow. I did find out that there was nothing wrong with my Facebook account and the problem I was having accessing it was most likely whatever was wrong with my computer. That was at least a tiny bit of good news. I was also given the name of a computer repair business that I thought had closed. It had only moved to a new location, due to the constant digging up of roads to repair old water lines. It makes the saying " you can't get there from here" a reality.

On Monday I bundled up my computer and took it for a ride to Black Mesa Computers. I explained its current performance and left it in the care of Mike and Sparkie, sending out positive thoughts that the bill wouldn't be outrageous, I was told it would be ready in a couple of days.

During the week I was without my trusty friend I realized it had become an addiction. I rediscovered life before computers. I cleaned out my file cabinet, looking over research material I had saved over the last few years. It jogged my memory about things I had forgotten I even knew. I made a phone call to my son to whom I had not spoken to in at least two years, because we communicate via email. I also called a local friend whom I had not checked in with for several months. I spent more time with my 3 four legged pets. I cleaned house and found time to rearrange furniture. I did tune into our local radio station and checked out a couple of daytime TV shows that I used to enjoy watching.

Most of all I remembered I knew how to write without the use of a piece of machinery. My friend and I have now reconnected and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg. Today is Independence Day and I am going to turn off my friend for awhile and go watch the parade.


  1. I sure do understand this, Barbara! The trying to find someone to look at your computer, someone you can trust who won't charge you an arm and a leg, and the being without your computer!

    I spent almost 3 weeks on the Olympic Peninsula without a cell signal of any kind - no internet, no communication. It took me right back to the way we USED to camp! I didn't go prepared for that (so used to having maps on my phone) but once I got over not having any maps of where I was, nor any information on the national park I was staying in, I settled down and had a great time! Of course, I also didn't have any way to call for help if I injured myself while hiking so I was far more cautious than usual (I missed seeing an awesome spring flow of a local waterfall because I didn't want to hike the mile in by myself).

    Have a happy 4th of July, my friend! Even though it's "Independence Day," I'm glad you're back connected to your computer :)

    1. Thanks for commenting Lois.
      It's always interesting to see how many experiences we have in common, even though the details are different. Funny isn't it that once you accept what is and not what you want it to be nothing is all that bad? I am actually grateful for the unexpected vacation.