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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Refusing to believe

Wow! I can't believe I had such a hard time believing what was right before my very eyes.

I have been counting all those souls recently presented to me by the wisdom of the universe who have displayed signs of being bipolar, manic depressive, having passive aggressive and narcissistic disorders and even the probability of housing multiple personalities. I just passed their idiosyncratic tendencies on by and tried to make them perfect, no matter what.

Instead of allowing these sick people to blame me for their problems why didn't I ever see it was them not me who had a problem? 

The answer to that question no doubt goes way back to the very first time, as a small child, that I took the blame for some humungous act that I had nothing to do with. I would not be surprised if that incident was  my conception to parents who were not yet married.  From there it went on and on like dust bunnies beneath a bed; growing bigger and bigger with each passing experience.

Note to universe: Enough already! I get it! From now I will only accept responsibility for my own actions. If I am at fault I have no problem admitting that fact, but I will no longer accept responsibility for the actions of anyone else- whether they are sick or not!

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