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Friday, July 5, 2013

Here and now

 This morning I am very grateful to the Universe for cutting off my access to my computer for a little over a week. That may sound a little weird, but I now see that it gave me an opportunity to go back in time and relearn some lessons that I didn't quite get when they were first presented. Luckily I usually follow my strong intuition about taking notes that my soul mind knows I may need later.

One of the interesting tidbits I found was information I had written down about a dream I had in 2007. It was about midway into my "conscious awakening journey". I don't often remember my dreams so when I do I know the message must be very important.

Before going into that dream I want to inject an incident that occurred in the spring of 1999, during a hypnosis session to end a 40 year nicotine addiction, which worked by the way. I clearly saw a bolt of lightning from somewhere in front of and slightly above my body pierce my heart. There was no pain involved and I have shared the information with few. I have never fully understood its meaning except to take it as a wake up call to begin a new life. I had actually forgotten about this experience, which really surprises me.  

Now back to the 2007 dream: 
I had just finished reading James Redfield's Celestine Prophecy and it left me with a question. As the saying goes, "ask and thou shall receive"; I asked, "How do I breathe in  Universal energy?" I'm sure some of you are saying, "just breathe". Back then I didn't know some of the things I have since learned. That's called growing, I believe.

Here is the dream according to my notes and my current awakened memory. There were two women, dressed in what appeared to be old world nun's clothing, except that they wore no head dress and the color was green (sage) not black. They walked along a path with a short stone wall separating them from the sea. They entered a stone building, resembling an old church. The younger woman went into a small room with a cot, laid down and began crying because she was afraid of something. The older woman confidently sat down at a desk and using a telephone began inspiring/encouraging callers to evolve. 

At the time I had the dream I felt both women represented me and I was being asked to choose which one I wanted to be. Because I have learned a lot about spiritual matters since 2007, this morning I took the dream apart piece by piece, with the help of Betty Bethards' book , The Dream Book.

Follow us:
nun= teacher, spiritual qualities within self, if dressed in black (not) implies being walled off from people and material things

#2= balance of masculine/feminine energy

path= your direction in life

stone= strength, grounding, personal power

sea= sea of life, enormous emotional energy to be used wisely

church= acknowledgement of higher power

bed= bridge between conscious and unconscious, return to the womb

desk= problem you are working on, exploration, self discovery

telephone=  asking for guidance, trying to give or receive a message

I also strongly felt that the color of the nun's habit was very important. I also felt it had something to do with Archangel guidance, which I have since learned to accept and appreciate. Remember, I had asked a question of the Universe. I checked in Doreen Virtue's book, Angels 101, to see which Archangel's color came closest to fitting the color sage. It was Chamuel, the angel of peace, who helps us find what we are looking for.

Those are the facts dear readers and you are free to make of them what you wish. I personally am extremely grateful to have been given an opportunity to view the progress made here and now.

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