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Friday, August 2, 2013

Mr. Popularity

With summer vacation coming to an end I was surprised to discover that my grandson chose to spend two days in a row at my house this week. This kid has so many invitations from his friends that it's getting hard to squeeze in any time with him. I entertained him Wednesday and Thursday and before today even hit noon two groups of his neighborhood friends knocked on my door wanting to ride bikes with him. I had to convince them I had no idea where he was spending the day.

Oh to be that popular! The best thing is he just accepts it as who he is.

Wednesday started off with a bowl of his favorite cereal and a glass of orange juice. After helping me rid my front yard of pesky weeds we decided to share a subway sandwich for lunch. His favorite, a cold cut combo with tomatoes, cucumbers and pickles on his half. I  take everything offered on mine. He made up for it with chips and a drink. Since the weather was decent we spent the afternoon at the local pool where of course, he attracted several of his friends to horse around with.

I hadn't expected him on Thursday, but about 7:45 a.m. Ejay started barking and I heard a knock on my front door.  It was a good thing I still had cereal because he hadn't had breakfast yet. After swinging by his house to pick up his basketball we headed to the family center so I could exercise and he could shoot hoops. On the way home we made a stop at the grocery store where his father works and of course, the employees greeted him by name. Next we tried to spruce up my yard a little. He did a good job of trimming my juniper shrub until a red ant crawled up his leg and took a bite. That pretty much ended the sprucing up and I got to play nurse. 

Feeling sorry for his pain, I suggested we pick up a pizza and take it to the Riverwalk, our most favorite place to eat lunch. First we stopped by his house to deposit his basketball and exchange it for his scooter to ride later. To make a long story short the pizza was good and he of course, connected with several more of his friends before we were chased away by rain drops falling on our heads. Perfect timing.

Yesterday came to a close when some of his neighborhood friends begged him to go bike riding with them. It seems I can't take Mr. Popularity anywhere that someone isn't asking for his attention. I love watching the show!

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