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Monday, August 5, 2013

A cause to write

Step by step my writing has been motivated by a cause of one kind or another.

It started with a newspaper column, followed by self published books, hard cover books, a blog, E-books and a writing group that offered an opportunity to occasionally write an article for our local newspaper.

The published books are now out of print and the writing group is no more. The Amazon E-books as well as the blog are still being offered to the public. After informing the Cibola Beacon editor of the demise of my writing group he informed me that I am welcome to submit articles of my choice as a freelance correspondent. Reviewing this turn of events caused me to realize that it is what I wanted all along; to be able to write what I wanted when I wanted to write.

This editor and I have had an interesting adventure learning to accept each other for who we are and utilizing our individual strengths to benefit our community. I have learned a lot about what to write and what not to write during our several year association.

Finding a new cause, I just submitted my latest article to the Cibola Beacon entitled, "Where are the volunteers?". It reveals the fact that our local American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) is in danger of folding if they can not attract new coaches, referees and board members.

As the grandparent of a 12 year old who has played soccer since he was old enough to qualify this is an unacceptable situation! It appears all I needed was a cause to write about to see where my writing is about to go now. 


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