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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lost and found

Yesterday I was very proud of my grandson, who spent the day with me because there was no school. After lunch of his favorite chicken noodle soup, we set out to clean out the playhouse of toys he had not played with for several years. He said he wanted to sell them for kids that didn't have toys to play with.

The job turned out to be messier than we had anticipated. There was an abundance of dirt and cobwebs everywhere along with some miscellaneous bird feathers. We first had to sweep a path before we could make any progress in seeing what the containers housed.

Colin began going through tubs of track from toys he hadn't played with for I can't remember how long. I heard him say, "I didn't know I still had this" as he sorted out the hot wheels track from the rest. I found him a box to put it in.

I began to collect the other things and stack them for removal by his stepfather when he got off work. When we were finished it amounted to a very large pile, which filled up most of the bed of his pickup.

The only things he kept were the box of hot wheels track and a large box kite, which he took some time out to fly. It was a very windy day.

As we looked around at the almost empty fairly clean playhouse I had an idea I shared with him. I said, "You know Colin now that you are bigger this would be a great place to invite a couple of your friends to have a sleepover. Spring break is coming up and it will probably be warm enough by then."

He lapped up the idea like a little puppy! Looking around he said, "We'll have to wash the windows first." I reminded him that he would also need permission from his parents. He has always referred to his mother's former playhouse, originally built by his grandfather and great grandfather, as his club house so maybe it is time it grew into its name.

Colin's lost but not forgotten club house.

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