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Friday, March 2, 2012

The wind God's messenger

On March 1, 2012 the wind came in like a lion, fiercely challenging everything in sight. The trees just beginning to show signs of new growth began waving their branches as if trying to protest. Looking out my window I noticed a little bird fighting with all its might to reach its destination. It caused me to think of a time when I had a battle with the mighty wind; the breath of God gone just a little wild.

Several years ago I spent much of my spare time sitting on the bank of the old police station on Roosevelt Avenue. It didn’t matter to me that the building was falling apart. The view from this site, of the town and its surrounding mesas is magnificent. I had just taken up sketching and this experience became my teacher. It taught me to look beyond what was negative and focus on the positive things that the universe presented for my personal growth.

On one particular day the wind was just as strong as or possibly even stronger than it was on March 1, 2012. Something pushed me to go up to my usual vantage point anyway. By this time I had learned to follow my intuition. After arriving at my destination I briefly wondered if I was going crazy. I sat down on my usual spot, partly to avoid being blown to the ground.

I began to realize that I had voluntarily accepted a fight with the wind. Its force against my face was actually exhilarating. I soon developed a bring it on attitude. Then I began to think of Dorothy and Toto and their Wizard of Oz adventures. It made me laugh. I definitely was not in Kansas. I was sitting all alone on a hill overlooking my adopted home town and challenging the mighty wind. I was not afraid because I knew this was exactly where I was supposed to be at this moment in my life.

I believe that day I learned just how strong I had become. I also began to learn that everything I need to take care of myself is found inside. It took many years before I got that lesson down pat. As on that day years ago yesterday's wind again reminded me of that fact. This time it came with an additional lesson. I now know I do not have to fight for what I want. All I need to do is relax, be myself and it will come. As with everything else the wind is a messenger of our Creator and when we listen we learn.

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