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Friday, March 30, 2012

Busy busy

For all those readers who think I have stopped writing you would be wrong. I have just been very busy for the last week or so. Some great things have been happening and I would like to share them with you. The first is about my writing group, Write on People.

The Grants, New Mexico writing group Write on People has been given space in the Cibola County Beacon to publish, on a monthly basis, articles and poems expressing our interest in people, places and things that make up our community. We also encourage others who like to write to submit pieces to us for consideration along these lines. Our group is made up of ordinary people who have fun getting together and sharing thoughts through writing and discussions about what is important to us.

In addition to writing as a group and encouraging other adults to write we are looking forward to hands on projects with the students who participate in the summer program at Future Foundations Family Center. We have just begun to plan a writing contest for grades 3 to 6, complete with prizes for the winners and possibly all participants. We are also discussing mentoring for the younger ones. Our group feels it is important to keep students thinking and learning through fun activities.

The next news is about all the spirit photos I have been taking since 2001. By following my intuition I walked into the premises of John and Bob, partners who own a new store in Grants. Besides intuition communication is the next step to make wonderful things happen. I shared a couple of my most "outspoken" spirit photos with them and they were thrilled. I knew they would be, but I didn't know they are both spiritual accepting beings until we began talking. To make a long story short as the saying goes, we are all in the process of planning a spirit event to be held in a few weeks in their store.

I am very excited and have been busy sorting the numerous photos into a large notebook suitable for display and discussion. I have to admit I am a little nervous about sharing my little "secret" with the whole town. I have over the years shared several photos with friends, but this is different. If I have left any doubt in the minds of those who already believe I am crazy this should do it! As back up, I have also asked several friends from other states to share their spirit photos so people will know I am not the only one. Whoa that sounds like a John Lennon song!

That's about it from me just now I'll keep you all informed as new developments occur.


  1. Sounds like great news, and cannot wait to see your photos!

  2. I have posted many of my spirit photos along the way Michelle.

  3. Barbara this all sounds so positive, I'll look forward to reading more!

    1. Jan I think the reason my ideas have not worked before is because I was trying to implement them all by myself. Now that I have help the job seems doable!