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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A universal gift

In 2001 I began to take photographs that contained images of spirits. The first one I took showed the image of a man in cement at the Riverwalk Park in Grants, NM. What made this image interesting is that the week before my daughter’s best friend and her step-father had walked over that very spot on their way to the gazebo for her wedding ceremony. After sharing the photo with someone who was used to seeing spirits, I was asked, “What does that tell you?”

I had no answer at the time, but today it would be, “I was the one chosen to take the picture.”

The following is that photo and if you look closely, perhaps even using a magnifying glass, you will see the image I saw on the path next to the middle tree. Below the man in the suit and tie is the face of a woman.

Since that day I have always examined photos for spirits who might choose to appear in them. I have a black and white taken of me in Alaska in 1939 that contains several spirits, including one I believe to be my guide, Richard.

Several years after my first viewing I had an eye opening experience at our local cemetery. It ended up in my e-book Journey of an Enlightened Egotist. Following is that excerpt.

“While writing one day a message was planted in my mind that I could not ignore. I stopped what I was doing to perform the task that was suggested.
I cut the only three daffodils growing in my yard, placed them in a plastic cup, added glass pebbles and water and started my car. My destination was the cemetery near my home. After parking the car I picked up the container of flowers and walked to the grave of a young woman who had died of cancer several years earlier. I had a strong spiritual connection with the girl that I did not fully understand.
Kneeling at her grave I placed the flowers on the headstone. I quietly asked, “Can you help?” Instantly two voices coming from the back of the cemetery repeated a variation of my question. The first was female and it was closely followed by a male, both asking, “Can you help me?”
I could clearly see that I was the only human in the cemetery. Startled, I quickly returned to the safety of my car. During the next few months I tried to figure out who the voices were and what they wanted me to do for them. I finally realized they were spirits who wanted me to tell the humans they had left behind that communication with them was possible if one believes.
The spirit photographs I was taking began to make sense. They were a tool to give credibility to what I was being asked to do. The only question was would I comply with the request? I had come this far I might as well go all the way. My answer was yes.”

It took a few more years before I realized that the universal gift I was given was not taking the photos, anyone with a camera could do that. The gift is being able to see what is in the pictures. The yes I gave to the cemetery spirits was an agreement to share them to help others believe that we never die. No doubt since I did say yes I am attracting spirits that make it hard for the unbeliever not to believe.

This is the case with the recent photo I took and shared on my 2/22/12 blog post (Spirit Photography). The woman's face is so large it is hard to miss. The photo was taken the morning after Whitney Houston's funeral and because of the resemblance of the eyes I briefly thought it might be her and perhaps it is, but so what! It can be neither proved or disproved. The photo is called The Woman Speaks. I couldn't call it The Voice; people might think I am crazy!

So here I am today trying to figure out just what in the world the spirits expect me to do to pass on their message. Although I truly appreciate the gift a little help from the universe would be appreciated about now.


  1. Wow, this is an incredible story, Barbara, you clearly have a unique and precious gift. I can't wait to see how it develops in relationship to your service to the world with this ability. Thanks for posting.

    1. Mikaela I can't wait to see how it develops too!