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Thursday, March 8, 2012

To continue...

In reference to yesterday's post about sexuality I decided to continue speaking just because this is my stage and I have a little more to say on the subject.

The inspiration for my previous post came from one I read on a closed online writing group I write for. It was regarding a couple of gay high school students who decided to attend school wearing clothing that was not appropriate for a male. The main character in the post was a young man who decided to show up in 6" heels. He was offended when he was suspended for three days, mainly for causing a distraction for other students. The article also referred to another boy at a different school in a different state who was suspended because he choose to wear female clothing to school. (The way kids dress now days I don't know how anyone could tell the difference). Anyway he went home with his tail between his legs and threatened to commit suicide. He felt his freedom of expression had been taken away from him.

This is where I had a serious problem. I didn't comment in the group because I didn't feel like starting an argument, but as I said this is my stage and I am free to express myself here.

I really don't have a problem with those who decide they want to be an individualist. I am trying very hard to allow those people to live their lives without my judgement. That is not always easy due to my own life experiences, but at least I am trying.

What I don't understand is why people intentionally do things that they know in advance will cause negative repercussions and then whine, sulk and threaten to take their own life when that happens. Just as an example, I can choose to clean my house with a bare butt and that is my business. It affects no one else; however, if I choose to go grocery shopping in the same attire I would be laughed at, thought crazy and most likely end up behind bars. Now would it be right for me to blame everyone else involved for my situation? I hardly think so.

One of the comments made about this article was that there appeared to be no dress code at the school. So what! Even though there should be in all schools in my opinion, that doesn't give a student the green light to do something so stupid.

That's all I have to say on the subject.


  1. Well, this is how I feel.

    If one is given the freedom to be an individual without judgement, then there need not to be an reaction to it in any way.

    But because we are conditioned to what is suppose to be 'normal' in the way we dress in female/male domination, reactions result.

    Now if this young man was truly able to be himself, then he wouldn't have been harassed by others because of his female energy.

    This is who he is!
    He has increased feminine energy and wanted to express it freely....just being himself...

    But he was toppled by negativity and it made him feel unaccepted which made him depressed and made him want to die.

    The problem remains in others judgements and fears that don't fit in with their comfort zone...

    If a young man wants to wear high heels, who cares?
    It doesn't affect me, if that makes him connect to his identity, then so be it.

    Funny aside, I cannot stand high heels and I am female...I prefer comfort....LOL...but that is my if I am judged by men or women that I prefer flat shoes over high heels and am accused of not being feminine, then so be just isn't is their issues, not mine..

  2. Thanks for your thoughts on the subject Maria. <3

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