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Monday, March 5, 2012

Let the kids play

This past weekend I experienced yet again parents interfering with kids trying to play sports. It was the third basketball tournament of the season for my grandson's team. They did very well, winning the first two of the four games they played. The players were great, The coach was great. What wasn't great were the parents and grandparents yelling their heads off with instructions for the kids.

The bellowing sounds of, get the ball, stay on him, shoot, get under the basket, pass it, keep your arms up, move to the corner and the most irritating of all DEFENSE, screamed at the top of the lungs; mostly by women. Like the players don't already know that if the opposing team is in their side of the court they need to defend it? Shut up already and let them play! It is impossible for a kid to listen to instructions from their coach and adults on the sidelines at the same time.

We are about to the end of the season and next we move on to soccer, where this same trend will again take place, even though the rules are keep your mouth shut. Nobody listens and the rule is never enforced. The words yelled at the players may be different, but adults are still interfering with the kids and their instructions from their coaches.

My grandson enjoys playing both basketball and soccer. If I want to watch him play I am forced to endure the rude behavior of other adults also watching. Investing in a good set of earplugs is about the only way of drowning them out.

I believe youth sports are a wonderful teacher for children. I have enjoyed observing my grandson grow through the years and develop as a team member. He is a natural born athlete who loves what he is doing. I have not enjoyed the adults shouting instructions. I wish they would just shut up and let the kids play.

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