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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thumbing your nose at God

Yesterday yet another great musical talent died and the world is calling her death tragic. I have a great deal of trouble following the crowd. Yes, it is tragic that we will no longer hear the magical voices of Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and even Karen Carpenter, but in my opinion that is because they thumbed their noses at God.

These people were all given much more than the average person will ever have, yet they did not respect the greatest gift of all; their human life. They carried on as if God would not notice their addictions. Perhaps they felt their talent would make up for the bad choices they made in taking care of their bodies. The joke is on them because God did notice. He sees everything folks.

I know people in my own life who are doing the same thing on a smaller scale. The bigger the income the bigger the addiction. They have forms of common addictions that are literally killing them. Maybe they, like the celebrities, think God doesn't notice. Eventually their number is going to come up and they will have nobody to blame but them. Oh of course, they will attempt to blame others, an addict always does. they never take responsibility for their own actions.

Perhaps Ms. Houston and other celebrities with serious addictions were put here to let us know that when you continually thumb your nose at God you had better be prepared for the consequences.


  1. Barbara,

    I feel those who have these magnificent gifts from God, at times cannot filter out there light.
    Sometimes these gifts are so powerful that their psyche cannot align with their light.
    Maybe this is why they choose drugs.
    Or maybe they are in such pain that they don't have the tools to get out.
    Addictions destroy relationships, no doubt.
    And we all have a choice to make our lives better.
    Sadly, some souls cannot find their way and they die from their addictions.
    Ultimately it is up to each soul to stand strong and find God.
    I feel sad to see such talent/light end in such tragic ways because they could not pull it together.
    Or it is as simple as they served their time on the planet and it was time for them to leave.
    At least now, Whitney is free from her pain and is embraced in all of God's love.

  2. In my opinion we chose our birth and the glorious contract it carries with the eventful day of our arrival. I try not to judge any human for I don't know the details of their life lessons here in this is a personal relationship with God.

    Every person is born to this world with reason. We are here to struggle, to feel pain, to learn lessons that is our legacy, no one is free from this burden.

    People of prominence are no exception to the struggles of life. My first husband died of addiction, people with talent die from addiction, clergy died of addiction it does not disciminate.

    I feel sad for anyones family left behind to a life lost to addiction, but at the same time feel that peace has embraced one more tortured soul as an angel sprouts her wings.

    I am also of the opinion that these tortured souls who move on to the the next dimension called heaven are lovingly embraced by God personally. It is my belief He stands behind each one with tears of compassion, and a loving hand on their shoulders as He makes sure each one gets the help they need to complete the lessons assigned to them from their birth. They are loved and nurtured back to health.

    I give love and thanks to the Universe for the gift of Whitney's voice that my ears experienced during her short life her on earth. To think anything else would be negative and contributing to the upset of the karma in our world. I am happy she has found a peace that will now help heal her soul.