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Friday, February 24, 2012

Sinners or saints

I have about had it with the world. Wake up people can't you see that you are making the wrong people role models for your children and teenagers? You continue to idealize celebrities strutting on their elevated stages, abusing their god given gifts. You raise them even higher when their addictions to drugs and alcohol finally do them in. Oh the poor misunderstood beings!

Poor my ass! They had so much money that they could have afforded any help available anywhere in the world, no matter how much it cost. In my opinion they could all have used a very large mirror to see who they really were beneath all the phony armor they hid behind. They lived their lives like they were so big nothing bad would ever touch them. Every child left behind by these bigger than life celebrities has suffered with their own scars as a result.

Not one person in this entire universe is better than anyone else, no matter how much talent they have or how important they and their followers think they are.

We all come here with a message. Perhaps the message the celebrities who are not grateful for what they have been given and abuse their gifts is: if you follow me this could happen to you.

Be very careful who you make a saint, because there are children watching and listening and following.