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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Believe me you can do it

Now that the hearts and flowers and chocolate are over with my mind goes to what February means to me. It has a lot to do with my heart and proves anyone can do anything they want to do if they want to bad enough.

Thirteen years ago I ended a 40 year addiction to nicotine with the snap of a finger. The finger belonged to the (corner) hypnotist that I agreed to let take over my mind. From the time I left his company that day to this moment I have never had a desire to smoke another cigarette. For that I am grateful to the man who introduced me to hypnosis because it changed my life. I no doubt would not be where I am today otherwise. For the rest of what he did- my gratitude is not so much.

The hypnotist was a sleaze bag who enjoyed looking for people, mostly women, who had a problem with addictions. He was so ill trained that he did not or could not address the cause of my problem; even though I am pretty sure he knew, as I do now, what that was. He was also so well trained that he took that information and used it to get what he wanted from his targets. Mostly he enjoyed and went out of his way to seek the admiration/love of those females he "helped".

To make a long story short my personal admiration went on for about ten years until something happened to cause me to see what a worthless pile of shit this person really is. It also took me almost as long to realize that the reason I picked up that first cigarette is because I needed a best friend. Get the picture now?

I am not saying I got even, but my very first book, Wake Up! shares in detail that particular journey. It appears that God/Source also decided to wake up the hypnotist as he has lost pretty much everything and everyone that was important to him in recent years, including his good looks. Now I don't wish "Mr.T" anything bad, but there is such a thing as karma.

It was not until I began to care about myself and my well being that I was able to rid myself of such people and all things that were causing me to believe that I was less than the soul I was created to be. If I could do it, believe me you can do it too!

P.S.I still have copies of the now out of print, Wake Up!

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