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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Flipping a page

Wow what a difference flipping the page of a calender makes. Like night and day!

January was the most trying month I have had in some time. Now that it is in the past I can laugh about the things that happened, one after another. Interestingly, they all involved energy that needed to be replaced. I am wondering if it was a final push to see if I was going to give up or as several friends said, hang in there. Well I didn't give up even when the last straw was to charge a very large amount on my credit card to temporarily pay for a new furnace, which by the way is working great. I could have paid cash, but decided it would be better for my credit to charge it and give myself several weeks breathing space.

The very next day, February 1st, I was offered a marketing job at our local Smith's grocery store. Just for the heck of it I had filled out an online application the day before, but had decided to hold off pursuing the job for a little while- I thought. Then my phone rang and it was the booking agent for the company. After a half hour conversation, sharing my previous nine year experiences as a product demonstrator for two other companies, she was begging me to accept the job. Apparently they have been unable to find a reliable person in Grants. Actually I can believe that. After careful consideration I agreed to go ahead with their orientation process, which has taken 24 hours to complete. Looks like I am once again a product demonstrator.

Having such a large debt helped to sway my decision plus the fact that their pay is almost twice what I was previously getting when I "retired" back in 2007. The scheduler wanted me to do two demos this weekend and I at first said yes. This morning I changed my mind because it was last minute and we hadn't even begun the orientation nor did I have the proper ID, paper work or the needed kits. I suddenly remembered the stress this kind of situation had caused in the past. I let her know I could not start this weekend. She was fine with my decision. Am I actually learning to put myself first after all this time?

The next positive thing that happened yesterday was to locate a very skilled handyman to take care of my roof/ceiling problem and to do other minor repairs for me. He knows what he is doing, but does not overcharge. How rare is that? I had discarded the estimate from a contractor because it was outrageous and he was only going to repair the damage not what had caused it. He also assessed the roof damage from the ground. Talk about good vision! Perhaps he is related to Superman!

Now for the third thing that has happened to make my life less stressful. I found a young college student that I know to help me update my computer programs. All that is going to cost me is providing dinner for him. I know I could learn to do this kind of stuff myself, but I plead belonging to the wrong generation. Help!

Now that I flipped the page of my calender it seems I have allowed a flow of positive energy to spill out all over the place. I could get used to this!


  1. About time sweet lady. You've earned a bit of positive...what ever.

  2. Thanks Wayne! Not exactly the way I would have planned things, but apparently I'm not really in charge!

  3. We're not in charge, are we? When we realise that, things suddenly start flowing for us. I'm so pleased things are coming together for you Barbara and that people are appearing in your life who are right for you at this time. Long may it continue.

    1. Thanks Jan, sounds as if things are looking up for you too!