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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Thinking matters

I just watched the video, "If You Change Your Thoughts You Change Your biology" by Bruce Lipton, Ph..D. It challenged the established finding that genetics is the cause of disease. After watching it I agree with  his scientific findings that "if you change your thoughts you can change your biology".

Through testing Dr. Lipton found that "the primary source that controls our life is our beliefs, and we can control our beliefs".

I found this to be true back in November of 1989 when out of the blue I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Where did this come from I wondered. In the back of my mind I thought it odd that my mother had died of cancer to a liver duct in 1987 and I felt there was some connection with my cancer. It's probably not what you are thinking.

Today I believe I caused my own cancer situation by focusing on an event that happened just before her death, which caused an enormous amount of guilt on my part.

When I was first diagnosed I didn't think okay this is it I am going to die now. I took it as an untimely inconvenience and just wanted to get done what needed to be done to get back to living. So I had surgery plus six weeks of radiation and did get back to living. I wouldn't do the radiation today because I never thought it was really necessary.  I had an excellent surgeon whom I believed got everything.

I look at people going through cancer now and think, "how come I was so lucky"? Perhaps it wasn't luck at all. Perhaps it  was the fact that I never allowed my brain to accept the fact that it could take my life. It was a mass that needed to be cut out- period.

Even today I can see that my thoughts about my health do affect it. If I take my blood pressure and it is higher than I expect it to be I can ruin my entire day by focusing on that fact. If I just tell myself "write it down and forget it" my day goes by much easier. I know from experience that my thinking matters.

I  agree with Dr. Lipton that diet, exercise and our lifestyle play a part in our health, but the most important element is our beliefs.


  1. Bruce Lipton's work has changed my life. I haven't seen this particular film but I've seen other videos with him. His book The Biology of Belief was a *huge* life-changer for me. I'm a skeptic when it comes to health claims (there are a lot of quacks and whackos out there) but Dr. Lipton has the “science" behind what he writes and talks about. There's so much we don't know about our brains and even though I know, down in my gut, that our bodies want to be healthy, getting our brains on board is sometimes a tougher thing to do. I think I’ll go back and read his book again. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. I was very impressed with his video and his humble manner. He didn't try to suck me into his belief he just presented facts. I liked that.