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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A new approach

I am happy to report that not worrying and only allowing a positive answer to the fact that we had no hot water yesterday worked.

My dependable plumber came just as he had promised. He checked out the problem, cleaned a filter that I didn't even know needed cleaning, lit the pilot light and waited to see if it would stay on.

It is still on this morning and we have hot water. $75 is a whole lot better than the $700 it would have cost for a new water heater.

Perhaps this was a lesson in just how my thoughts affect what happens. I have noticed lately that when I ignore any pains I have and just go about doing what I can do they magically go away.

It reminds me of my grandson's attitude when he is playing basketball. He never lets the fact that he is shorter than most of his team bother him. He plays as if. He has been heard to say after an amazing shot, "I shouldn't have been able to do that, but I did."

I think I will try this new approach for awhile and see what it conjures up.

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