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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A genuine soulmate

It was only yesterday that I finally understood what a soulmate is and what they are doing in my life. It makes a ton of sense to me and removes a lot of stress over the definition of the word as opposed to a life partner, who is there for the duration.

I now believe that a soulmate is someone who belongs to your spiritual tribe and connects as a human to teach a lesson. This connection was arranged long before the two arrived on earth. Sometimes it takes more than one soul to get through the mind of the target and it is necessary to repeat experiences. This happened to me and it took a long time to figure out what was happening. I thought the Universe just had a very weird sense of humor. That could be true, but it was to get my attention.

A soulmate is not the great love of your life as some people think. Well I suppose in a way it is, depending on your idea of what love is. It has nothing to do with body parts, human or otherwise. The spiritual connection can be so strong that it causes misunderstandings between the two souls. 

Soulmates are only around until the “assignment is finished”, then they cease to be connected in this lifetime. The best scenario is when they end up as friends not enemies, although that isn’t always possible. 

Now that I have a clear understanding I can see that I have had a number of soulmates in my life. I look back with gratitude on each experience and view them with amazement at how clever the Universe/God was in orchestrating my human education. We aren’t just here to take up space after all.

So on this pre-Independence Day, 2016 I wish you tons of soulmate experiences and a bundle of spiritual love to go with them. As for me, I am searching for a life partner.

As a friend of mine would say- peace out.

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