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Friday, June 10, 2016

Party time

For the last several years I have been registered as a Democrat. I'm not really part of any party, it's just that you have to be registered as something or you can't vote in the primary. I have never voted a straight ticket as some do. I always vote for the person. There was one name in the presidential slot on my ballot that I voted for. It doesn't look like that person will be the Democratic candidate in November, which makes me very unhappy. The Democratic front runner at the present time would never ever get my vote. That also goes for the front runner on the Republican side. No way no how!

With all the negative media coverage regarding the two front runners it will be worth my time to watch the national convention next month. At least it should be more entertaining than hearing about the lives of the current celebrities. Seriously who cares who is divorcing, sleeping with, dating, giving birth to or caught holding hands with? Oh and lets not leave out the leading bathroom thingy. That could change anyone's life.

The only option I have at the moment is to see what happens at the convention. Anything is possible. Please God if you have ever been tempted to step in and offer assistance now is that time.

So come November I am prepared to either write in my candidate's name (I have been told that person is eligible to be hand written in all 50 States) or I just might have to change my party registration to Independent.

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