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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Your presence is present enough

Yesterday I enjoyed a day long belated birthday present in the form of spending time with my youngest grandson. It reminded me of a birthday several years ago when he didn't have any money and he announced, "I give you me." His gift was more than enough then and now.

We started with breakfast at El Cafecito, a local eatery that we both like. I had been craving a smothered green chile/bacon burrito and Colin had one wrapped in a tortilla. I had a chance to catch up on the activities of my very busy grandson. Between mid school activities, sports and a community club he joined I have not seen much of him since school started and I have missed him very much.

After breakfast we did a few errands and stopped by the annual Christmas Craft Show held at our family center. I had found a bracelet that I liked and needed to pick it up. Since they were inexpensive I asked Colin if he would like to get one for his mother. His eyes were on a particular light green one so I told him I would pay for it. When we got home I checked on the birthstone for my daughter and verified the fact that it is peridot, the same color as the bracelet he had chosen. That fact made him very happy as we put it in a gift bag for him to take home and hide until Christmas.

The rest of the day we pretty much just hung out until it was time to drop him off at a friend's birthday party.

Sometimes a person's presence is present enough thank you very much!

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