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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Back to the drawing board!

You know that expression "never say never"? Well, that seems to be where my life is right about now.

Stuff happens and it causes a change in perspective and perhaps walking on a new path. Not too long ago I firmly stated that I am retired! Well that didn't last long when I realized that money is a necessary component to living comfortably. A change in circumstances is going to lower my current income in the near future. Now I could sit back and wait to win the lottery or I could take steps to remedy the situation.

The lottery could happen if I buy the right ticket or a very rich soul looking for a place to drop a heap of money could pick my name, but the odds are probably not in my favor. So I may need to find work of some kind that will help.

With this in mind I have been accessing a local online job search, with merchandising in mind. I previously spent 9 years as a product demonstrator (I no longer desire to stand in one place for 8 hours) so I figured this kind of work would be pretty close. For the last couple of weeks several merchandising jobs have come through, but I didn't apply for any of them. Yesterday I received an offer associated with the website to review my resume free of charge. I clicked the button and heard back from them this morning.

After reviewing the feedback I could see why I had not applied for the jobs that had come through. The person pointed out that my experience highlights a professional writer and my resume needed help. Digging out a copy, I could clearly see that they were absolutely right!

My next step was to access another website that offered templates for various ways of writing a resume that will get attention from an employer. The light suddenly dawned! I was applying for jobs that I didn't even want and I need to spend some time writing a new resume for jobs that I actually have the experience for and a desire to be hired for.

So, with the approach of a brand new year, it is back to the drawing board with a polished attitude and a more realistic opinion of my current abilities.

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