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Saturday, December 13, 2014

A lucky day

Today is 12/13/14 and the combination won't happen again for many years. it seems for me at least it is going to be a lucky day.

First thing this morning, as with every morning, I reached for my required BP medication, which is a small yellow pill. Recently I added vitamin D just to see if it would help with bone pain. It is also a small capsule. After putting them in my palm I dropped one and thought it was the vitamin. Oh well I thought, I'll look for it later.

A little while later I noticed the dropped pill on the kitchen floor. As it turned out it was the BP medication not the vitamin! This was followed by a flood of gratitude for what could have happened.

Having had recent Blood Pressure problems, a missed dose could have caused serious problems today. Plus my son's senior dog, who constantly licks the kitchen floor, could have eaten it and suffered a serious reaction.

So far 12/13/14 is doing just great and I expect the luck to continue the entire day!

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