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Monday, December 22, 2014

I would hire me

Yesterday I received professional feedback regarding my current resume. Basically the one word that stuck out was simplistic. After checking it over I agreed. The basic information was there, but the person was not. I found a very helpful website to fix that problem. I recommend to anyone needing similar assistance. It is extremely easy to use and offers numerous options with plenty of wiggle room. The cost to print it is also very reasonable.

I chose a non traditional template because it best fit my job/life experiences. I have spent 77 years trying to squeeze myself into a mold like everyone else. That just isn't me. I am not traditional, never was and never will be.

In creating a new resume I not only realized I had been focusing on the wrong things, but that I had a lot to offer a prospective employer. I am still tweaking it a little to make it as positive as possible. I was told a resume has 30 seconds to make an impression so every word on that document counts.

After completing this project I compared it with my old resume. Wow! It was like comparing a black and white photo with one in color. The new version came to life and suddenly I could see a real person instead of just facts. I deleted the old document last night.

I am not sure where this is going, but I have found that following my intuition always creates something good. This morning a friend sent me a message wishing that the job Angels will connect my resume to the right employer. I second that wish.

All I can say is- I would hire me!

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