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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Christmas wish

Sometimes an earth connection is made with another soul that is so strong it leads to growth for one or both. It is often called destiny and I believe it is so.

There are those who have bought the idea that a soul mate is one's perfect true love. I used to believe that, but I am no longer in that group. It is my current opinion that a true soul mate is one who partners with another to aid in learning an important life lesson. They often appear to be complete opposites, acting as a mirror, allowing the other soul to accomplish an assigned task.

One or even both can sometimes be hurt in the process, but it is only temporary. Ideally, they will both eventually remember the pact that was agreed to long before either soul merged with a human body. Because of the basic loving nature of the relationship there is no need to apologize.

In my recent life I have benefited from a connection with such a soul mate. While I am grateful for the growth the experience provided me, I am very sad that my partner has yet to realize that what happened was prearranged and agreed upon by both of us.

This Christmas my one wish is that this soul will wake up and remember the pact we made so very long ago.

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