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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Part three of me

This is the third and last post regarding writing a new resume. I promise!

The finished piece is now downloaded as a PDF document ready to be sent off just as soon as the perfect job comes into view. I expect that to be early 2015, celebrating the new year.

The new resume is divided into three sections, two of which were not included in the one I had been using. Perhaps that is why it never got noticed by employers. The sections are Professional Summary, Skills and Experience. Skills gave me a chance to use my creative juices and it is the section I like best.

The template suggested listing 6-8 so after thinking and re-accessing this is what I settled on. Ability to lead and follow others, dependable, honest, excellent organization and communication skills, intuitive, able to inspire others, community minded.

That's it, take it or leave it, this is part three of me!

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