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Monday, December 15, 2014

Do what you can

I will always be grateful that I took the step in 2009 to access Facebook. Granted it does share a lot of junk that I just pass by, but it also holds a wealth of knowledge and inspiration through posts shared by friends.

This morning several things came together regarding expecting changes. Some people believe prayer is all one has to do to have positive things happen in their life. Although I have seen for myself that group prayers are capable of miracles, I have mixed feelings about the subject.

The phrase, "God helps those who help themselves" is a mighty powerful thought. It is also one that I believe in. I don't think it is fair to just sit in a chair and pray for positive results, whether it is a physical, monetary or mental problem that one is dealing with.

In my opinion one should look at the situation and take every human step toward a solution before asking for help. I have absolutely nothing against help acquired from other humans, angels, guides or even God, but for human growth I believe you have to do what you can first. Think about it.

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