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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Where is the love?

I have never felt that my family represents the love that so many people talk about. It just wasn't/isn't there. Remembering those old family sitcoms and how caring and supportive everyone was of each other makes me laugh. My family is more like the soap opera generation. It could be called "to each his/her own".

One day before I leave earth I sure would like to know what love feels like. The closest I have come is what I feel for my pre-teen grandson. A little child shall lead them comes to mind, so maybe there is hope for my family yet!

Our latest family tribulation is the fact that my oldest son, who is the only one of my three grown children who still speaks to me, is finding it necessary to move back home. He has no money and no job prospects and will be pretty much starting over; a sad state of affairs for someone past 50. The only family member who is willing to help him is of course, me.

Again, I find this laughable. Why is it the person least equipped to help is often the only one willing to do so? It reminds me of the quote, "if you need something done in a hurry ask the busiest person you know to do it".

My second son owns his own business and travels all over the country, my married daughter and her husband both have full time jobs, my ex-husband lives alone and because of his past life choices is in poor health and paying unforseen medical bills. None of them are willing or able to help.

I'm looking at myself and my life since July 1999 when I became single after 27 years tied to the wrong man and I am thinking- you've done great keep it up. Maybe all this family needs is a positive role model and someday they will learn what love is all about.

There is always hope!

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