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Sunday, May 11, 2014

So you want a muse?

For many years I have been conscious of the fact that I have a muse, otherwise known to me as a writing guide. Together we have written some amazing stuff that I could not have created alone.

In 2010 I gave my muse, whom I call Richard, a vacation. Perhaps I figured I had learned enough and no longer needed the partnership. I had finished, I thought, my third book, Journey of an Enlightened Egotist and my son helped me offer it as an E-book. It sat on for a long time until the day I decided enough of that and removed the document from the site. Now I am contemplating the next step.

Before I released Richard he devised a rather unique method of letting me know he was still around. Often when I am using "word" he will cause the overtype to go on to get my atention. It messes up what I am typing and I have to stop. His brand of humor was rather annoying until I finally realized who it was and why it was happening. Now I just smile to myself and acknowledge his presence.

At one point in my writing someone suggested my muse was God. Perhaps he was right as our Creator's energy exists in every living thing.

For anyone interested, I believe the best way to connect with a muse/guide is to let go of control and be open to the guidance that is being offered. In my opinion it also helps to reach inside and write from the heart. Good luck with that my friend.

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