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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Another view

In my post yesterday I shared a memory of an out of body experience I viewed with my heart rather than with my eyes. This excerpt from my unpublished manuscript, Journey of an Enlightened Egotist, describes it:

"Remember me father? When I was six you snatched me from an operating room, right under the nose of the surgeon who was attempting to save my life. He was not aware that at that moment my life was not totally in his hands. I felt loved and protected."

My current life has also given me other memories, not of this lifetime, to help my soul/spirit evolve. These memories are viewed with human eyes because they were human experiences. It is my pleasure to share the following excerpts from the same manuscript:

"An important step on my journey was to accept the concept of reincarnation. Living changes people and who you are today is partly the result of who you were yesterday. Each new experience creates drops of enlightenment on a quest to know the perfect soul you were created to be.

Over time three of my past lives were revealed to help me understand the how and why of me and use the knowledge to evolve my soul. In the first life I was a medieval horse that carried a reluctant knight into many battles. I was killed when the swift blade of an opposing knight's lance slashed open my belly from top to bottom. It perfectly matches two surgery scars I have in this life.

In the second life I was a widowed mother whose life centered around two sons. I drowned while trying to help one of them avoid participation in the military. The third offered my life as a young girl raised by my father because my mother died soon after childbirth. I grew up too fast, assuming adult responsibilities too soon. My sudden death and that of my father were the result of an avalanche."

There have been times when I thought my memories of past lives were a figment of my imagination, but no more. The view I have through my human eyes is as real today as when they happened.

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