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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Through these eyes

A couple of nights ago I saw the movie Heaven is for Real. Since then a bunch of personal memories and questions have been stirred up. The movie is a true story of a four year old boy who believes he went to heaven during his surgery.

Although I liked the movie and the little boy is adorable, I question what he saw on his journey. What bothers me the most is my belief that when our life as a human is over our soul returns to where it came from. The body, clothes etc. stay here. The boy saw his deceased relatives as clothed humans, although younger than when they left earth.

This morning as the result of reading a friend's Facebook post sharing among other things that he had died twice in his life, I sent him a message and asked what he saw in the other realm. Without hesitation he answered me. He explained that first of all he didn't see his experience through his human eyes. He did not feel dead; rather he felt universal love and peace and was one with everyone and everything. He said the souls he encountered did not have bodies.

The reason I asked the question of my friend is because I have a memory of what I thought was a near death experience, which occured during surgery as a child. I have never been able to see a clear picture of myself (what I was wearing etc.) or the entity who was talking to me at the time. Now I know why. I was trying to see a spiritual experience with human eyes. This also confirmed for me that my experience really did happen. It was just mislabeled.

I now believe I had what is called an out of body experience rather than a near death experience. As far as I know my heart never stopped beating. I also believe either my creator, an assigned guide or possibly an angel scooped me up to temporarily protect me from the trauma of my surgery.

I find it interesting that both my friend and I were silently given the choice of staying or returning to earth. Perhaps this is what happened to the little boy in the movie. We all made the same decision to come back to our assigned lives and use our human eyes to see.

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