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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Making a list checking it twice

A couple of days ago someone posted a suggestion on facebook that spiritually aware souls are in the process of consciously connecting with other souls in their, for lack of a better word, group. I do believe that and have been feeling guidance to begin rounding them up. Last night I literally started making a list of people who I feel I have or had a spiritual connection with. Some were even deceased.

It turned out to be a rather interesting list and as I looked at it I began to put the names in pairs. I realized the lesson/message they had brought through their presence in my life was of a similar nature. I kept looking at the list and adding names. When I asked myself what the pairs had in common with each other I clearly saw that they were either positive or negative. Oddly, the positive pairs were at the top and the negative were at the bottom, with the exception of one pair of male names. They eventually didn't make the cut and ended up being added to the negative names.

I left the list sitting on my desk and went to bed. This morning I checked it again and made a separate list of only the names that I felt represented positive energy. What I did next surprised me as it had not been my original intention. I set a match to it, sending all that negative energy back into the universe and away from my soul. It worked like a magic wand setting me free from what had been pulling be back to finished business.

It is my current intention to keep adding names to my positive list until I have connected with all of my assigned group of souls.

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