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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Then and now

Back in 1961 I officially became eligible to celebrate Mother's Day for the first time. Today looking at the results of my efforts I wonder why my three children have such a different view of their childhood than I do. All the sacrificing so that they could have the best went out the window; all they remember are the times I broke the rules, according to their view, of what perfect mothers are supposed to be.

All I can say to my three is that if you could have walked in my shoes and dealt with the problems I was given, in addition to being a mother, your view of my mothering would sound quite different. Mothers do not come with a book of instructions and as a matter of fact neither do their children.

I did the best that I could under the circumstances.

On this Mother's Day my children consist of my two cats, Ebony and Smokey and my recently adopted dog, Ejay. All they require is food, water and a little attention. I don't have to give up anything for them and they are very grateful for what I do give them.

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