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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sisters by choice

I just found out a friend is headed for the hospital on Monday and will be going under the knife for a hernia operation on Tuesday morning. There are many things about this woman that I can relate to because of my own life experiences and it has caused us to become sisters by choice.

I recently discovered that she is a born writer and remembering my own path I have done everything I can to encourage her progress in that field. Like me she does not have the resources to promote what she writes, but I don't believe money is what our writing is about. She recently became a member of my writing group and it is providing the help she needed to believe in her natural talent to put the contents of her creative mind on paper for the benefit of others.

Although our life experiences have been different for the most part, we are going through similar experiences with our adult daughters, due to honestly sharing our thoughts about our situations. Both daughters have a recurring problem of choosing not to communicate with their mothers. Is it possible I wonder that we both hit the nail right on the head and the kiddies just don't see what we see?

My friend's upcoming surgery is bringing back memories that are causing me to have very compassionate feelings for her. In the fall of 2011 I spent two weeks in the very hospital that she will call home for a few days next week. I waited every day for my darling daughter to choose to at least make a phone call to let me know she cared if I lived or died. It never happened and it still hasn't. Neither my friend nor I heard from our daughters this past Mother's Day, apparently they were too busy with celebrations of their own motherhood.

Even though my friend claims it doesn't matter, her face clearly tells me she is lying. It is the reason I am going to do everything I can to make her hospital stay as pleasant as possible so she knows someone cares. I do not have a biological sister, but I have a sister by choice and she is a very special lady.

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