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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fun in the sun

I spent the morning watching the 4th-5th grade track and field event for my grandson's school. I believe I have attended every year since he was in pre-K.

Colin is a born athlete, but what makes it fun for me is watching how he interacts with his classmates. He constantly amazes me and makes me so proud that I was the one chosen to be his grandmother. It doesn't matter if the child is a boy or girl he shares a special brand of himself just for that particular kid.

Don't get me wrong he is not perfect and gets into plenty of trouble. Just ask his mother! He is also very sensitive and has a gift of understanding and accepting spiritual concepts well above his age. I encourage this every chance I am given.

At one point this morning he was going to follow a friend and was told no by his teacher. His reaction made me very proud of him. He stopped where he was and simply accepted what he had been told. Respect is the first step to getting along with others.

Of course, my little man did very well this morning. Even though he is small for his age his classmates know he will run faster than anyone. It is a given and it always makes me smile. I think he just sees himself running across the finish line first and he does.

This morning he and I were talking about his soccer team, which has their last game of the season tonight. It has been an unusual season. His team has five players who had never played before and they have lost every game. Colin has made every goal except one for his team. This morning he said he wasn't upset because in his words, "We are learning to play as a team." That's a pretty savvy kid for 11!

I am not in the least worried about what this very special child will do as he gets older. He is off to a good start and I am happy I can call him my grandson.

Finishing his long jump and winning the 100 meter race. Not bad for a short kid!

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