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Friday, May 17, 2013

Appointment with death

Yesterday could have been my last day on earth, except that it wasn't and I am still here.

Last night I decided to go to town to do an errand. As I was driving down the road a car coming the opposite direction suddenly headed right for my car. At first I thought it was some smart ass teenager attempting to play chicken, but he kept coming. I swerved to the right, driving onto a grassy area on the side of the road; avoiding being hit head on by inches. As I looked in my rear view mirror the car kept going and ended its journey right side up in a ditch. The driver must have either been drunk or on drugs.

My first reaction was to gratefully thank whatever entity was responsible for my quick action. I knew it wasn't just me that had avoided a potential appointment with death.

For the rest of the evening it was difficult to keep the vision of that oncoming car out of my mind.  Lately I have been doubting the existence of anyone who really cares if I live or not. After expressing sincere gratitude for help my next thought was, "I guess someone does care after all."

Coming back from exercising this morning I checked out the area where the almost collision took place. I realized that if it had been a few feet further up the road I would have run into a cement barrier, trying to avoid the oncoming car. That chilling fact added drama to the experience.

I have been playing with the thought that since I am still alive there must be something important I am here for. I have also decided to stop wasting time on people who are dragging me down and seek only those who are a positive match. It's time to start writing a new book and put all the negative chapters behind me.

Obviously there is still time before I am meant to keep my appointment with death.

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