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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sharing the fun

Today I am sharing a piece of work written by someone I am encouraging to get her thoughts out of her head and onto paper. This creative soul desires to remain anonymous for now.

I love to run around outside, playing with the cats.They would get mad at me, but I was just playing. I would run to the back fence saying hello to the friend next door. Mom would not let me go over there, so it was just hello. I would dig holes in the yard, I love to play in, but mom would cover them up, saying, "No do not dig holes." I don"t know why. I always run and say hello to the postman, but he never says hello to me. What is wrong with these people?

So I just play by myself. Sometimes someone would play ball with me. That is so much fun, only it doesn't last long enough. When mom had friends over I wanted to say hi to them. "No" mom said, "leave them alone." That is no fun. some would play ball with me, but they always stopped before I was ready to stop.

Oh what fun I could have if mom would let me, but she is the boss and I have to obey. I love you mom arf arf!


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