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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I could be a vampire

The thought came to me that in all the many years I have been residing on this planet called earth I have never known my blood type. My intuition is strongly telling me I need to know what that is. It's something everyone should know for goodness sake. Not knowing feels like there is a missing piece to my being floating around out there somewhere. Of course, I could be a vampire!

Yesterday I called the local hospital where I had surgery in the fall of 2011. I was told I had to come in with ID to prove who I am before they could look up the information and also sign a form. I could understand my needing to prove I was who I said I was so this morning I located the medical records office and complied with their  rules.

The personnel were much nicer in person than they had been on the phone. The first person pulled up my hospital record, but could not find the information she was looking for. The question of my missing blood type was turned over to another more learned person. Still not finding the information I was asked if I had ever had a transfusion. I said no. Then I was asked if I had ever given blood and I again said no, explaining that because I had previously had cancer in 1989 I didn't think I was supposed to. I had never really checked that out though. I was also told that if I had given blood I would know my type because it is typed with every donation.

At this point my surgeon's nurse walked into the room. She told me that unless a patient's surgery would be likely to require a blood transfusion typing was not done. Mine didn't so it wasn't. Also a patient's blood type usually does not appear on hospital records. While she was there I also asked about my cancer question regarding donating blood. Her answer was that she didn't think that mattered, but she wasn't entirely sure. Well alright then. Where does that leave me? Right back where I started from earlier this morning. No blood information leading me to wonder if I am a vampire after all.

So why is my intuition strongly telling me my blood type is something I need to know. I don't feel I am about to experience anything gory causing the information to be necessary for medical help. I could, I suppose, go to the doctor and have a blood test for typing done, which I would have to pay for. Perhaps
I am simply being pushed to donate blood the next time our area has a blood drive or at least find out if I can.

If I did end up donating blood, for the first time in my life, it would prove to the world that I am not a vampire after all and it might even help to save someone's life.

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