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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Following Archangel Jophiel

Interesting how things pop up, adding new information to my understanding of who I am and what in the world I am supposed to be doing with the universal/spiritual gifts I have been given. For the last couple of days I have been asking Archangel Jophiel to provide me with guidance along these lines. We connected several years ago and he/she has never failed to come to my aid when I have honestly asked for assistance. This archangel heals negative situations and brings beauty and organization to our thoughts and lives.

I have found the ways of the divine are quite amazing and often put a smile on my human face in response to their actions.

This morning a Facebook friend posted a personal experience about knowing what her Totem Animal is. Apparently everyone has an animal guide whose purpose is to give them direction and assist on their journey through life. I know other people who know what their animal totem is, but I have never paid much attention or until today been curious enough to discover what mine is.

Taking that first step I accessed the website 
After answering the questions found there I realized that I know what my animal totem is. I have always had dogs and cats, but that just didn't fit. I started thinking about what animals really stand out and I believe it is a white (Pekin) duck.

It made so much sense when I looked up and saw one of the most amazing spirit photos I have taken hanging on my wall. It is the spirit photo I use to convince others that we do not die when we leave earth, but the white duck introduced him to me.
 For years I have been drawn to our Riverwalk Park, where this photo was taken. It is where I go when I am looking for peace of mind. It is where my grandson and I have spent hours just hanging out since he was very little. Until this morning I never realized that it is the ducks that draw me there. Although there are Mallards, Mud Ducks and other varieties they are not what capture my attention.

I once followed the progress of  the babies of one of them with photos documenting their growth.

Checking further online, I looked up duck totem with some interesting results that made further sense. It teaches us to re-connect with family. I take this to mean universal family, not necessarily biological. It is exactly what I feel I am doing. It helps us learn to deal with our emotions, is very social and graceful. It's power is in the spring and summer, my favorite times of the year. Also the duck guides us to find a comfortable safe place to be.

Wow, thank you Jophiel! You are amazing!!

Now to wind things up, I recently downloaded a photo of a white duck and placed it on my vision board to remind me to let things roll off (other people's problems, negative energy etc.) like water off a duck's back. Need I take another step to find my animal totem? I don't think so!


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