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Thursday, June 6, 2013

My forever home

Several months ago I entered a writing contest sponsored by Geist, a Canadian company. the instructions were to use a photo as a post card and write about it in 500 words or less. As I have received notice that I did not win I am now free to share my submission on my blog. Here goes.

My Forever home

This could be my forever home. It has everything I could ever want, including two of my favorite things, nature and water. A modern log cabin nestled amongst the trees, providing a permanent home for song birds of all kinds and shelter for critters big and small. Windows everywhere letting in sunlight during the day, a view of the moon at night, with the occasional pitter patter of rain drops or silent snow flakes sliding down its pains. I can see myself having a morning cup of tea, a light lunch or entertaining friends in the evening sitting at the picnic table on the porch.

It's just three little steps down to the fabulous deck where I would spend hours dreaming the time away, dangling my toes in the cool water, while watching a free movie, featuring fluffy white clouds quietly drifting by. If I were in the mood I would choose to pick up a fishing pole and catch a bite for dinner. In the evening, sitting in a deck chair with a friend, we would engage in animated conversations while,  enjoying the setting sun with its majestic array of colors. The only thing missing is a canoe, which just might be tucked in slightly out of view.

Yes, I could quite easily make this my forever home.

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  1. I love this forever home! I could park myself in the one next to it and we can enjoy a glass of wine at the sunset :) Nice post!