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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Creating a team to manifest a dream

Our future is in the hands of our children is a quote many are familiar with and of course, it is true. I also believe it is our job as adults to give them the tools they need to make this a better place for themselves and their future children.

One of the tools we can help them develop is their imagination/creativity. I have always loved  a popular quote attributed to many, including John F. Kennedy. It's source is actually a line from a little known play, Back to Methuselah, written by George Bernard Shaw 1856-1950. The original quote is "You see things and you say "why"? But I dream things that never were and I say "why not"?"

Indeed, why not?

Who says things have to be just so or they won't work? I have found that mixing the old with the new creates a very palatable dish. It is exactly what I set out to do in offering a writing camp for elementary students this summer. The first week of the two week camp starts Monday and I am very excited about what will be offered to our young people. I reached into the hearts of area adults who agreed to share their unique passion for one hour on one day to help inspire the creative minds of our youth.

Our facilitator on day 1 is a retired elementary teacher who is also a member of our writing group, Write On People. She will be teasing the participants with creative writing suggestions; day 2 will bring in the Managing Editor of our local newspaper, The Cibola Beacon, to talk about writing for a small town paper; on day 3 a personal friend of mine who is also a wonderful cook will help the participants use their imagination to concoct a calorie free meal. On day 4 the director of the Double Six art gallery and a local artist will help the youngsters understand that art also has a voice. To round out the week another member of our writing group and a lady who is passionate about poetry will be the facilitator.

My main job for this first week was to inspire the adults to be willing to inspire the kids with what they are passionate about. Everyone knows what their assignment is and it's one two three go...INSPIRE! 

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