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Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Little Secret

As the rest of the world living on Social Security holds their breath that they might not get their check in August I am not worried because I have a secret. I know I am not getting a check next month and it makes me chuckle a little.

Last March and April Social Security erroneously deposited money which amounted to one and 3/4 months benefits into my checking account. Following my intuition and advice from loyal friends I didn't spend it. I opened a savings account and stuck it there for safe keeping until SS figured out what they had done.

I pretty much knew the money wasn't mine, but I decided to play around with them for awhile. They eventually sent me a letter wanting it back. Instead of agreeing I asked for reconsideration, which took a couple of months of their time to comply with. Having survived a battle with them previously I knew what to expect.

Finally in June I received another letter asking for a ton of original documents verifying my income and holdings. In return I sent it all back to them with a message that I was done and they could recover the money from my benefits. I also suggested that the next time they decided to put money in my checking account they had better make sure it was actually mine.

So, this is why I already know I will not receive my Social Security check in August. Unlike other U.S. citizens all I have to do is transfer it from one account to another. Of course, if Congress continues to play their disgusting game of holding its citizens hostage that is an entirely different matter.


  1. You are right Louise. I am looking at this as a gift from the universe and smiling to myself because I followed my intuition! Thanks for stopping by. <3