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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Red Flags

The two words that got my attention this morning were RED FLAGS. They were posted on Facebook along with the admonition to take them seriously.

I started thinking about that in relation to my serious blood pressure spike earlier this month. I could have taken that to mean death is coming soon beware. That reminds me of when my doctor announced in 1989- you have uterine cancer. My first thought wasn't death. My first thought was- so what are you going to do about it?

Since my current red flag alert I have put myself first, something I need to do from now on. I have tried everything that came up to reduce stress and relax. I have tried to let go of assuming responsibility for the problems that others have created for themselves. I have made an effort to let go of the people who are adding to my stress. I have tried to rewire my brain on the way I react to negative energy and I am still working on this one because it is a biggie.

Adding to the positive side I have opened my eyes to the glorious gift of friendship from people who showed concern and offered help. Even if I didn't take their suggestion, because it wouldn't work for me, their concern and offer was what was important.

This month has been a struggle to finally put myself first and to accept things as they are, not as I wish them to be. If I had not been given that red flag I would have just coasted along doing the things I have always done. Thank God for RED FLAGS and thank God for my guides who made me pay attention!


  1. How beautiful Barbara!

  2. Barbara I am reading a great book called Stress Less by Thea Singer that I know you would like. I got it at my local library. xo