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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Up and Away

It is strange how a couple of words can stick in my brain and lead me to take positive action. In this case the two words were helium balloon. For most people that would probably bring to mind a party of some kind or the act of children inhaling the helium to create an amusing voice.

For me it brought back a memory of watching a dramatic episode of "Desperate Housewives". Gabriel had just lost a baby that she didn't think she even wanted until it was gone. A caring man took her to a park, gave her a helium balloon and told her to imagine it was her pain and when she was ready let it go.

I had been having problems lately letting go of life long blocks that appear to be interfering in my current life. I have on occasion written down issues I no longer wanted to deal with and burnt them, giving them back to the universe. I decided perhaps it was time to try something different with two thoughts that had followed me since I was a child.

One bright morning, which offered a slight bit of wind, I bought two helium balloons. I knew the colors I would purchase before I got to the store. One was green and one was bright pink. They seemed to compliment each other in a strange way, which got my attention.

I labeled the green one unworthy of wealth and the pink one unworthy of love.

I drove to a large grassy field and walked to the center, silently contemplating what I was intending to do next. Looking up at the bright blue sky with its white puffy clouds, I one by one let each balloon go, continuing to watch them as they climbed higher and higher and away from me.

As I drove away I noticed that I felt lighter and more peaceful. Perhaps this positive act of faith will do the trick once and for all and rid my current life of negative thoughts that are no longer needed.


  1. What a beautiful post Barbara!

    I love that exercise of the helium balloons and connecting it with the release of negative thoughts that truly don't serve you in any way!
    That energy that flew away with the balloons will be answered by God!

    You are worthy of LOVE and ABUNDANCE in every way that it can come to you Barbara!

    As you truly believe this in your heart and your mind miracles will happen!

    I have been there with both feeling of non worthiness of love and wealth/abundance in my past and I finally got to the point where I believed whole heartedly that I require all that life has to offer in love and abundance!

    Love you!

  2. I can always count on your positive support Maria. I am truly blessed to count you as my friend. I love you too! xoxo