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Monday, August 1, 2011

On the Wings of an Angel

I truly hope this is the last post I will write about the stress of my daughter not speaking to me for almost a year.

A friend who must be part angel gave me the last puzzle piece to put a positive spin on the situation today. I did not think that was possible.

I knew I had to let go of this problem, but I didn't know how. I knew that every time I tried to get my daughter to see reason and failed I was adding more negative energy to an already hurtful problem. I knew that there is supposed to be a lesson here, because every experience is just that. I am not stupid, but just because I knew these things doesn't mean I knew how to accomplish them. It is pretty hard to let go of a daughter that I spent six years praying that I would conceive.

The lesson with this child is and always has been that I cannot live another's life. She has her path and I have mine. Although they will probably always touch they are not the same.

Talking with a friend this morning I said the distance is made bigger because I have to drive past her house every time I go to town. I felt like God/Source was intentionally adding fuel to the fire. Knowing it will be sometime before she is going to allow me back in her life caused pain I couldn't deal with.

My friend pointed out that the universe was giving me an opportunity to change negative energy to positive energy. Her advice, "When you drive by her house blow her a kiss and wish her well. The universe will balance the indifference if you contribute positively to the situation."

I am taking Priscill's advice because I know it came on the wings of an angel.


  1. Your friend speaks wisely, Barbara. I'll blow you a kiss, too, while I'm at it xx

  2. ...and I'll take your kiss James. xoxo

  3. Oh Barbara..many humble tears! God has used me once again wisely for from my fingers His words were typed for you to hear! I am glad you were listening...He is so wise and loving! Love me too!

  4. I'm glad I was listening too my anonymous friend! xoxo

  5. Oh Barbara,
    I love this beautiful advice of blowing her a kiss as you drive by her home!
    That will send love to her and counteract the pain.
    I am sorry you have to go through something like this.....there are no words to comfort such pain.
    I cried when I read this.
    I am sending you love Barbara and blowing you a huge kiss and an enormous hug!

  6. Wonderful advice!

    It is always tempting to continue trying to change things . . . even when they are out of our control.

    When a desire is out of reach, we can hang on to the desire (and increase our suffering) or we can change the desire to one which is in reach.

    Sending love is always within our grasp. :D