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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Recurring Experiences

In 1989 my daughter was 10 and her oldest brother, 18 years older than she was. At that time my son was in the Army, stationed in Saudi Arabia. Today my daughter's son is almost 10 and his uncle is on his way to a year's stay in Kuwait. It is an interesting set of circumstances presenting recurring experiences.

Added to this equation is the fact that in 1989 I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. I am currently dealing with a blood pressure issue, the cause of which is still being investigated by my doctor. I chose to share neither of these facts with my son at the time of their occurrence. Why? I just decided he had enough to worry about and also because I did not believe either to be life threatening.

The circumstances are better this time around. My son will not be living in a foxhole in the middle of a desert worrying about stepping on a land mine. This time he has a civilian job on the Kuwaiti Air Force base and will be living in an apartment in town. He also has hopes of securing a job in his home town, through his employer, when he returns in a year.

This morning I was upset because I hadn't had a chance to say goodbye to my son. I knew there was a reason. It would be unlike him to ignore me. I finally called his cell and caught him at the airport. His flight had been delayed forty minutes. I also found out he had experienced some last minute problems last night. His internet service died and he had spent most of the night trying to get it working. He just hadn't had time to call me. We had a nice conversation and I said goodbye and wished him a safe trip.

After he gets settled in his new surroundings he will have internet service so we will be able to stay in touch. This is quite unlike his last overseas deployment when communication with him was few and far between. I am sure the year is going to pass quickly and I expect we will both learn much due to our recurring experiences.

I wish you well Jeff, come home physically and mentally safe and sound. I love you!

Uncle Jeff and Colin


  1. Again two seperate journeys with a common thread. Yes,I imagine the year will fly by for time never stands still and tends to move faster in most cases then we wish! We will all learn from both of your journeys! xoxo

  2. It is certainly going to be interesting. Time to take a step into the future for both of us.

  3. I wish your son a safe deployment. My thoughts are with you while he's away. Try not to worry too much, okay?