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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What Now Pussycat?

Have you ever stopped to review your life's jobs and said been there, done that, now what?

I just found out my son, who is now in Kuwait working as a civilian for the next year is not going to be doing the job he was hired for. Instead of running their driving school he will be teaching for the Environmental, Safety and Health Department. The material mostly consists of basic OSHA industrial safety stuff, including hazardous material handling. He will end up with an OSHA instructor certificate, which should help him obtain a job when he comes home. When he was in the regular Army, way back when, chemicals were his specialty. He also spent some time working as an exterminator.

This interesting turn of events in my son's life caused me to look at my life's jobs and wonder where the experiences might be leading me.

Dept. store sales clerk
File clerk/PBX relief operator

The next group provided management skills, self motivation, communication skills and offered something to others.
Craft show exhibitor
Avon representative
Product demonstrator
Resource Development Coordinator
Columnist/free lance writer/published author

The next group was volunteer and dealt with people of all ages.
Cub Scout Den Mother
Elementary school room mother
Mother Advisor IORG (Rainbow Girls)
Theater group costumer
Hospital Auxilary Treasurer
Foster Grandparent/elementary school
Writing group for kids

Although I can clearly see how my son's experiences led him to his current job I do not have a clue what is coming next in my life. The Universe is full of surprises so I guess I will just have to wait and see.

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