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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Following the Yellow Brick Road

Well now that God/Source has determined that the manuscript I have been working on for five years is truly finished and I have received instructions on how to share it with the world it is time to start over once again. This time it will be with a refreshed attitude and a focus on a real goal.

Exactly like my current life, I plan to rewrite some material I previously offered at the beginning of my writing career; leaving out the parts that acted as an anchor and drug it down. Re-writing with a brand new prospective will be challenging and exciting. I have known for some time that this project will be titled, Spirits of Cibola County. I wouldn't be surprised if it included some of the beautiful local photos I have taken along the way.

Like Dorothy I am off to see the Wizard and find the wonderful talented person who was hiding inside all the time! Since I don't have a scarecrow, a tin man, or a lion to help me, I'm sure my many supportive friends will do just fine!

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