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Friday, April 15, 2011

A Sincere Apology

It appears that I may owe jts a very sincere apology for "assuming" the bearded photo I published earlier this week was of him. I have just been informed by the man himself that my assumption was incorrect. However; the question in the post titled, "Mug Shot" was not is this man jts? The question was, is the photo and the image in the water the same man?

My conclusion was they are not even close!

Technically, I do not owe anyone an apology, but because I am an honest person I will offer it anyway. Looks as if the spirits are having a wonderful time leading me astray this week. There is a reason for everything!

The sketch of the man in the water is still a mystery and may forever remain that way. I have always felt it is someone very special that I am destined to meet someday, somewhere.

The two photos did provide an unusual blog post, if nothing else. Amusing others is apparently part of my job. As I have said before, I know I often give God/Source plenty to laugh about.

The post/posts in question have now been removed from view. Whether you accept my sincere apology is entirely up to you jts.

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