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Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Rituals

Looking back on past Easter rituals simply confirms that I am no longer who I was. As with my families lives, I have moved on. It no longer means, participating in lent, buying new clothes to wear to church services, dyeing and hiding eggs, cooking special foods for a traditional family dinner.

Until last night I planned on spending Easter alone, except for my cats Ebony and Smokey. It looks as if my oldest son might be joining me for a couple of days. His company will not only be welcome, but I will have an in house computer expert to assist me with my current problems. He might even help me figure out the best way to publish my new project, Journey of an Enlightened Egotist.

So now I am off to the store to purchase things that we both like to eat to make my son's visit a happy occasion. It really doesn't take rituals it just takes love and a willingness to make it happen. Isn't that what Easter is all about?


  1. I love this Barbara.

    I too have not been part of the traditions of Easter nor any holiday for that matter.

    Someone once accused me of not having an identity because I didn't put up a x-mas tree one year.

    I laughed hard as my identity is Clear and NOT of familial and societal ideals.

    Rather I choose to do what is in my heart and honor Love in the truest sense with all those I hold close to me.

    I am not saying anything negative for those who follow tradition as that is what fills their hearts up.

    For others like ourselves, Love is all that matters and not all the hoopla that goes with holidays.

    Have a beautiful time with your son!


  2. Thanks Maria, You and Tim have a wondrous spring filled journey of your own!